FLOWCHART: How To Talk To Volunteers

We’ve all written emails and then never heard back from the recipient. It’s an unfortunate occurrence that often leaves us wondering, “Was it something I said?”

For nonprofits, email communication with staff and volunteers is absolutely crucial to day-to-day operations. But what happens when you send an email to a volunteer and then you never see or hear from them again?

The key is: make sure they know that you appreciate them.

Remember: there are a million other ways they could spend their time, but they choose to help out your organization. They are not a disposable resource or commodity that you can discard after use.

Think of them as your valued guests and treat them as such. Look at it this way: every hour of work they do for you is one fewer hour of work you have to pay your staff to do.

That’s why it’s so important to communicate well with everyone in your organization, but especially with volunteers. Make sure they feel needed, acknowledged, and appreciated!

Here is a nifty flowchart created by Kathryn at Elementary Development that shows how easy it is to get the right message across to your volunteers no matter the situation.

Click to enlarge

If you don’t have any upcoming communications going out, why not check your most recent message against the flowchart? Check to see if there are any steps that cause you to stumble when writing your emails and letters.


The flowchart is also available as a pdf here – Volunteer Messaging.

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