Nonprofit Enterprise Integration: Data Import Management

What is Enterprise Integration?

In the context of CRM software, Enterprise Integration is a process by which large volumes of complex donor data are acquired, evaluated, imported, and maintained.

The overall goal of Enterprise Integration consists of introducing external data into the CRM using a centralized management tool. Enterprise Integration aims to help nonprofits lower costs and free up their organization’s resources to be better utilized in other ways.

Enterprise Integration for StratusLIVE is a built-in feature set included within versions 6.1 and above of the StratusLIVE for Fundraisers constituent relationship management (CRM) software solution.

How is Enterprise Integration different?

When compared with older importing tools, enterprise integration is a more efficient process that is capable of handling large volumes of data more quickly with less manual intervention and extremely accurate results.

Enterprise Integration offers nonprofit organizations three major improvements over older, less comprehensive tools:

Improve efficiency

Through features such as process templates and automation, Enterprise Integration can perform high volume, complex tasks at faster speeds than previously possible.

It is very common for data provided by an external source to contain errors. Enterprise Integration can perform bulk corrections, solving a major pain point for nonprofits. If there are errors in the data that is being imported — whether a certain value is incorrect or simply missing across multiple records — nonprofit staff is no longer required to manually adjust or update each individual record in order to normalize the data.

Eliminate redundancy

Stronger relationships with donors are the key to successful fundraising. However, it is difficult to maintain a positive relationship with a donor if he or she is receiving duplicate appeals from a nonprofit due to multiple donor record instances in CRM. It can also be very frustrating for fundraising staff.

This is why constituent matching was created for Enterprise Integration. By comparing data elements to existing records, constituent matching allows users to import once and automatically determines whether the entry is a duplicate or a brand new record. This feature includes matching of individuals as well as organizations.

Increase accuracy

Data hygiene is vitally important to everyday nonprofit operations. Because StratusLIVE Enterprise Integration is a highly automated system, the introduction of incorrect information is greatly reduced. In addition, extensive validation layers automatically locate and eliminate errors before import to standardize data.

Learn more about StratusLIVE Enterprise Integration

For an in-depth look at the key features and benefits check out the StratusLIVE Enterprise Integration product page or feel free to contact us or simply request a demo to get started.

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