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Key Differences of StratusLIVE and Salesforce Nonprofit Clouds

StratusLIVE and Salesforce both offer nonprofit clouds that bring fundraising, program management, and engagement solutions into one integrated platform. 

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How to Measure and Reduce Donor Churn

Donor churn is the percentage of your donors who choose not to donate again.  Donor churn is an important nonprofit metric to measure and take steps to reduce the number of donors who will not make a donation the following year.

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Maintaining a Self-Hosted Nonprofit Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation

There are a handful of things that can be done to ensure your nonprofit Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation runs smoothly. These only apply to self-hosted installations. StratusLIVE perform these tasks for our hosted customers and they cannot be controlled in CRM Online Instances.

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Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit RFP Process

Large software implementations are prone to failure and for good reason. They are typically long, drawn-out processes that for many are akin to a heart transplant. Over the years as an industry we’ve learned “best-practices” that every organization should apply towards a successful implementation project. Ideas like executive buy-in, change management, RFP consultants, and team participation are all concepts that are well accepted and practiced in most projects today. With all the advances in implementation best-practices you would think software projects are having a much higher success rate. Unfortunately, the data does not support this and if anything, the failure rates are getting even worse. How can this be? After spending the last 15 years serving nonprofits and being part of many implementations, we have observed a number of things that the average nonprofit may not be aware of:

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