Microsoft Starts 2017 with 45 Magic Quadrant Offerings

If you’re using StratusLIVE, you’re using Gartner's magic quadrant leader - Microsoft!

If you have been around StratusLIVE much, you know we are very committed to the idea of using the commercial Microsoft stack - and in particular, Dynamics 365 - as the underlying platform and architecture for StratusLIVE's nonprofit CRM, fundraising, and donor management software.

With all the "free" and "low-cost" software out there (it's often not really free or low cost) we do find people who ask why we place so much emphasis on Microsoft.

There are some obvious reasons like native integration with Office 365.

But one of the less obvious is the ability to leverage the power of one of the world's leading companies directly into the daily workflow of nonprofit staff.

That does not mean that everything Microsoft does shows up in Dynamics 365 or StratusLIVE, but a lot of what happens in other Microsoft offerings finds its way into multiple applications.

Microsoft Leading the Way Again

Consider this: Microsoft is Gartner's vendor lead for the 3rd year in a row. In fact, they enter 2017 with 45 offerings in Magic Quadrants.

Click here to read the full story on the Garter blog site.

More about the power of a commercial platform

If you want to learn more about how commercial platforms are making so many modern software applications possible, read this piece I wrote a while ago about commercial platforms. It explains how developers leverage them for speed and flexibility that proprietary platforms can't match.

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