Microsoft Ousts Salesforce As Most Used Business Cloud App

As more companies embrace the cloud, Microsoft emerges as the leader among cloud apps for business.

When the founders of StratusLIVE chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the platform on which we built our award-winning nonprofit software, it was following extensive research into Microsoft's capabilities, functionality, integration, and vision.

That is why it's gratifying to read that Microsoft and its line of products are continually being recognized by industry experts, leaders, and analysts for their operational superiority, positive user experience, and widespread adoption.

A new report released by Okta, a cloud-based service, which helps companies secure and manage sign-in credentials across various cloud-based applications, adds to this long list of accolades. Okta analyzed their customer dataset including more than 4,000 cloud applications currently being employed by 2,500 corporate customers.

Specifically, Okta was looking to discover "which applications, devices and services businesses and their people (employees, contractors, partners and customers) consume, and how geography, business size and industry impact access to, security and popularity of the tools people use every day."

The "Businesses At Work" report uncovered some surprising insights. For instance, most businesses use about a dozen cloud-based apps, whether they employ 200 employees or 2,000.

But the most significant finding of the report can be summed up in one sentence: "…our data clearly shows that Microsoft Office 365 has rapidly become the most deployed application worldwide."

The report goes on to provide crucial context for this finding: 

Since we started tracking app usage in early 2012, Salesforce has securely held the top spot as the most deployed application. However, in January 2015, Microsoft Office 365 dethroned Salesforce after a gradual climb to the top, evidence that Office 365 is successfully bringing large enterprises to the cloud.

So the next time you find yourself logging in to your CRM or checking your work email on your phone, take a moment to reflect on how far enterprise technology has come and how cloud-based apps can work for you and your nonprofit.
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Posted by StratusLIVE