Top 20 Non-Profit Leadership Blogs and Podcast

Top 20 Non-Profit Leadership Blogs and Podcast
Over the past 10 years, there has been an explosion of blogs, podcasts, and websites dedicated to non-profit leadership and development.  These resources offer everything from simple tips to in-depth strategy advice, best practices, data analysis and more.  It can be hard for non-profit leaders, board members, and staff to keep up with all of the information available to them.

To help you make the best use of your time, we’ve reviewed hundreds of blogs and podcasts and selected the 20 best non-profit leadership blogs and podcasts, which we present to you below in no particular order.

Non-Profit Leadership Blogs

The Non-Profit Times – Billed as “The Leading Business Publication for Nonprofit Management,” the Times provides news articles related to non-profit organizations as well as tips and strategies from some of the sector’s leading voices.

NonProfitPRO – This online newspaper for non-profit leaders offers best practices and advice on topics ranging from non-profit governance and finances to human resources, fundraising, and more.

Veritus Group / Passionate Giving – This blog from Richard Perry and Jeff Schriefels focuses on the leadership aspect of fundraising, offering in-depth analysis and data on managing fundraisers and fundraising programs.

Concord Leadership Group – Marc Pitman is one of the best-known faces in non-profit consulting.  His blog explores ways to become a better leader at your organization, and how to help your board members, executives, staff members, and volunteers to reach their full potential as well.

Getting Attention – Marketing is key for growing non-profits.  In this blog, non-profit marketing expert Nancy Schwartz talks marketing strategy, tips, and tricks for non-profits of all sizes.

TechSoup – Finding technology that can help your organization succeed is crucial.  The TechSoup blog provides insights and advice to non-profit leaders on how they can best find and utilize modern technology across all aspects of their organization’s operations.

John Haydon – Want to learn how to incorporate social media into your non-profit’s PR, marketing, and fundraising efforts… without breaking the bank?  John Haydon’s blog gives non-profit leaders the advice they need to succeed online and via social media.

NextAfter – At first glance, this may seem like a simple blog offering tips for online fundraising… but after digging deeper, what you will find is a wealth of original research and data on what makes donors tick online.

BoardSource – As its name implies, the BoardSource blog is targeted at non-profit board members, offering them ideas and resources for strengthening their organizations and help in becoming more effective leaders.

Stanford Social Innovation Review – This blog from Standford University offers ideas on all aspects of non-profit management and leadership, including case studies, leader profiles, best practices, and more.

Non-Profit Leadership Podcasts

Social Good Instigators – This podcast from Kirsten Bullock offers interviews with non-profit leaders form various sectors, providing advice on management, HR, board relationships, fundraising, and more.

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio – Each week, Tony interviews a leading non-profit expert to discuss issues and trends in the sector.  Recent topics have included fundraising staff turnover, the crucial relationship between the non-profit CEO and the board chair, and trends in non-profit communications.

Nonprofit Leadership Podcast – The NLP offers inspiring interviews with non-profit leaders who are making a difference in the world… and provides insights into how you can be a more effective and inspiring leader for your organization.

The Business of Giving – This podcast hosted by Denver Frederick explores the business and financial side of the non-profit sector, including interviews with major philanthropists, non-profit CEOs, and charity sector thought leaders.

Successful Nonprofits – Exploring the traits that make nonprofits successful over time, this podcast features interviews with leaders from across the sector.  Recent topics have included how to deal with millennial workers, how to recruit new board members, and common financial pitfalls for non-profit organizations.

CauseTalk Radio – Each week. Megan Strand and Joe Waters discuss the intersection of business and non-profit fundraising to show how companies and charities can work together for mutual benefit.

Futures in Fundraising – Every non-profit leader knows that fundraising is crucial.  This podcast analyses ways your non-profit… and you… can be more successful with your development program.

Impact Boom – A great mix of inspiring stories and powerful lessons to help your non-profit and your entire team thrive.

Nonprofit Optimist – All around the world, non-profits are making a real difference in the lives of millions of people.  This podcast tells you how they are doing it, and how you can do it too.

Ask a Manager – While not specifically targeted at non-profits, this short weekly podcast provides great answers for tricky management situations faced by non-profit leaders every day.

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