[WEBINAR RECAP] StratusLIVE Nonprofit Business Intelligence

Focus Your Fundraising

The amount of digital information continues to increase with each passing second. So how can your nonprofit cut through all the noise and get the information you really need to make faster, clearer, better decisions?

StratusLIVE is proud to introduce the latest in enterprise-class nonprofit business intelligence.  Using state-of-the-art processes, StratusLIVE's Nonprofit Business Intelligence (BI) helps combine your team's existing skills with intuitive software to help you find new ways to save time, optimize impact, and raise more money.

Discover how BI can help you make faster decisions, improve operational effectiveness, and increase fundraising results by watching this free webinar recording, recently presented by StratusLIVE and The NonProfit Times.

This fast-moving 45-minute webinar demonstrates how StratusLIVE Nonprofit BI helps clients:

  • Discover, model, analyze, and visualize large volumes of donor data and marketing information in real time.
  • Uncover previously inaccessible insights and answers from your data
  • Recapture time, increase effectiveness, and empower your teams to share and collaborate from anywhere at any time
  • Understand the importance of eliminating outdated processes, legacy software, and expensive service vendor bottlenecks

This free webinar recording will introduce you to StratusLIVE's Nonprofit BI software and give you a glimpse of what it looks like to make the most of your existing data.

Follow along with the recording or simply browse the slide deck for the presentation:


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