Why Do People Give To Charity? (Hint: It Pays To Tell A Friend)

Tell your community of supporters about your campaign & ask them to share with their friends.

Just as community involvement is a key aspect of your nonprofit, so should social media be an integral part of your nonprofit's fundraising efforts. People and businesses choose to give money to charity for a variety of reasons.

  • It makes them feel good (the "warm glow" effect)
  • They've been personally affected by the cause in question
  • Workplace giving campaigns build employee morale
  • Businesses get a positive reputation & marketing exposure
  • Tax deductions (cynical but true.)

But the reason why 50% of people say they give to charity?

"My friend encouraged me to give!"

Statistics have shown that when fundraising appeals are shared by family and friends, donors not only give in larger numbers, but also in larger amounts. [[A great example would be: ALS]]

However, many nonprofits make the understandably old-school mistake of discounting the massive effect that social media can have on their fundraising campaigns. Don't be one of them!

In addition to the many reasons it makes sense to have an online fundraising page -- lower overhead, less personnel, easier data gathering, diversifying outreach -- there are just as many reasons why it's crucial to add a social aspect to your online fundraising.

First, a social presence allows your nonprofit to communicate the mission and values of your organization. In addition, it provides a platform to advertise your success to supporters.

It also inspires your supporters to get more involved with your organization. According to a recent Waggener Edstrom survey, more than half of survey respondents who engaged with causes via social media have been inspired to take further action.

social media actions

This is just a small taste of what makes social media a key driver of online fundraising campaigns.

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