Five Point Checklist for an Optimized Online Donation Page

According to the public relations agency, M+R, in 2020, organic website traffic comprised 42% of all nonprofit website traffic. Of those organic visitors, only .08% donated, resulting in the average revenue generated by an organic visitor of 12 cents. 


What gives? It’s not that your mission isn’t compelling. It may be that your online donation page is not properly optimized.


Now that online giving is no longer an ancillary method of giving but a critical means to generate funding from individuals, your organization must ensure your online donation pages perform optimally.


Review your online donation page alongside the following checklist and ensure your page is up to these standards:


1. Place your online donation button above the fold on your homepage. 

This means that the user does not need to scroll to view the button. Remember, it’s all about simplifying the donation process for your website visitors. The more they need to scroll to give, the less likely they will do so.

Do you use a primary, contrasting button color? This draws the visitor’s attention and increases the conversion rate.

2. Ensure your online donation page is mobile-responsive. 

50% of nonprofit website visitors in 2019 did so on their mobile phone. If your online donation page is not properly optimized for mobile, you will lose critical donations from your supporters.

Use the Google Mobile Friendly Test to check if your website and donation pages are mobile-friendly. 

3. Use compelling imagery. 

Giving is an emotional experience for your donors. By utilizing a single image that reflects your organization’s brand and mission, you evoke an emotional response from your donor. Consider how you want your donor to feel when he or she views your online donation page (inspired or compassionate for example), and select an image that corresponds with that emotion.

In the following Give Now page, 4-H succeeds in utilizing an eye-catching, colorful image that draws the viewer's attention, reinforces their brand, and promotes their current giving campaign. 


4. Promote your monthly giving program.

Offer your donor the opportunity to convert their one-time donation to a monthly donation. Now is the perfect time since they are interested in your cause! Demonstrate the additional impact this support will generate. For example:

Donate $50 monthly to provide 15 students with access to digital educational resources.

By promoting your monthly giving program as an insider’s group of your most passionate donors, you encourage monthly contributions and increase donor loyalty and retention.

5. Integrate your online donation page with your CRM. 

The most effective online donation pages integrate with your CRM, so gift amounts, donors' communication preferences, and constituent information sync with your data. This ensures your donor database is up-to-date with the most current information. Your marketing and fundraising teams can then use this data to build marketing lists for future appeals.

The all-digital world offers immense opportunities for nonprofits to utilize modern digital marketing tactics to convert donors and ensure donor data remains accurate. By adhering to the above checklist, your organization will secure online donations and further engage these donors to become lifelong supporters.

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Posted by Kelly Perry

Kelly Perry is a Digital Marketing Manager, Nonprofit Solutions at StratusLIVE. She has over eight years marketing and communications experience within nonprofit technology and the publishing industries.