Giving Tuesday, CSR, and Your Year-End Plan

BLOG_Giving_Tuesday_InstagramGivingTuesday is a reminder of how vital nonprofits are to the community members, those who choose to live and grow their businesses in the area. We are especially reminded of this as the year comes to a close. It is a common understanding that community involvement is a critical factor in the success of businesses and their employees (your donors); it’s difficult to thrive in a stagnant place. This belief is a fundamental reason why companies strive to impact their communities through CSR programs. The end of the year is an excellent time for companies to look at their overall efforts. We have put together some tips for you to help them succeed.

Now that Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday have all passed, many have spent a fair amount financially during this time. We thought you might appreciate some tips that you can use for GivingTuesday and beyond.

Here are some ways that your partner companies can embrace GivingTuesday AND extend that goodwill through the rest of the year.
  1. Encourage their teams to volunteer: Do you support a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy? Are there some efforts you can put together to benefit your community (especially something they can do from home)? Volunteering as a part of a team not only benefits the recipients but helps to build a stronger company culture.
  2. Remind their employees about your existing year-round giving campaigns.
  3. Ask their leadership teams to dedicate a special Matching Gift incentive for donations made through the end of the year.
  4. Encourage your partner companies to poll their employees on what special program they want to support together. Be sure to let them know if you have a local giving tree, an adopt a family program, or a food pantry program to sponsor.

GivingTuesday is a great time to remember the causes in your community that impact all of those in need. It is important to focus beyond just one day. Your GivingTuesday and year-end wrap up should look at the whole giving season. That way, you can meet your donors where they are at this busy time of year and help them to achieve the good they want during this time.


Posted by Alyssa Pacheco

Alyssa Pacheco is a former Digital Marketing Manager, Nonprofit Solutions at StratusLIVE. She has three years of marketing and communications experience within the technology sector, along with four years of direct nonprofit fundraising experience. “I genuinely enjoy sharing the significant benefits that technology plays for nonprofit organizations in their social good efforts.”