STUDY: Growth Trends in Fundraising

A new study was recently released that highlights growth trends in online fundraising, advocacy, and nonprofit organizing.

The 10th annual M+R Benchmarks Study, dubbed “Benchmarks X”, examines growth trends in 2015 data collected from over 100 organizations across multiple sectors of the nonprofit industry.

“Benchmarks X” was compiled by digital consulting firm M+R, in partnership with the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN).

“Benchmarks X” analyzed more than 2.8 billion email messages sent to more than 69 list subscribers; $481 million in online donations from more than 13 million online gifts, and 8.2 million advocacy actions.

Here are just a few key points from the study:

benchmarksx, list, growth trends

Despite declining response rates, email fundraising revenue grew substantially in 2015.   Continuing list growth is a key reason why.


email revenue fundraising benchmarks growth trends

For every 1,000 fundraising emails delivered in 2015, nonprofits received $44 in revenue. Put another way, a single fundraising email landing in an inbox raised an average of 4.4 cents.


mr benchmarks growth trends

Online revenue grew by 19% in 2015 — even better than the previous year’s 12% growth.


online trends revenue growth trends

Monthly giving grew at a faster rate than one-time giving for most sectors in 2015 — more nonprofits are getting a larger share of their online revenue from predictable, stable sources.


fans followers emails growth trends

For every 1,000 email subscribers, the average nonprofit counts 355 Facebook fans, 132 Twitter followers, and 19 Instagram followers.


To find out about more growth trends, you can download the full study for free at

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