Breaking Up with Your Old Dated Software? 5 Steps to Take Before Implementation

breaking up

Without an implementation plan, your organization could be rolling out big changes with no clear direction leading to stressed-out employees and inadequate outcomes. Here are some steps to take before your implementation process. 

Build an action plan aligned with your strategic plan 

Before starting your software implementation, you should have a clear and simple vision for the goals you want to happen directly related to your nonprofit’s mission. These goals will guide you throughout the implementation cycle so that you and your team can track and monitor your progress. Furthermore, if your team is aligned on what success looks like, it will be easier for individuals and their teams to meet the goals that will contribute to a successful implementation. 

Pick the right partner with the right system 

So many failed implementations come down to fit. Many nonprofits purchase a system that was touted as free or low cost and were disappointed by the outcome. Finding the right fit is important to help your nonprofit deliver the best approach to fundraising, constituent cultivation, analytics, and more. Having a partner that will help you design, configure and develop a solution is key. 

At StratusLIVE, we combine our insider’s knowledge of nonprofit operational needs, with an eye toward where technology is going, and we tailor-made our solutions specifically for the organization. We don’t outsource anything to anyone, ever – this makes for fast, pain-free system implementations. Same goes for our customer service.  

Make sure your solution is aligned with your technology 

Make sure the solution you pick is aligned with existing technology to ensure seamless data migration, systems integration and training. Leave the hard part (such as data migration and testing) in the hands of the professionals. Be clear on the roles of the partner you choose and what role your staff will play in the implementation process. Here are some more implementation pitfalls to avoid.

Develop a project plan 

Good implementation comes down to execution of a project with clear goals, 2 or 3 dedicated administrators, and detailed timelines.  

At StratusLIVE, a Project Manager is assigned and responsible for the overall Project Plan including weekly project status reports, documenting milestones achieved, upcoming milestones, key risks, and the hours used for the project to date.  

Having a focused project manager for the solution you choose, buy-in from the management team and access to two or three subject matter experts is critical. 

Train the team  

Once your solution is up and running, have your dedicated administrators help spearhead training initiatives with the rest of the general staff who will be helping. An important factor to consider when picking your partner is to make sure training is included in your solution. StratusLIVE has training sessions with the initial training experience delivered as a series of on-site or online, hands-on, instructor-led workshops. 


Following these steps as you create your implementation plan will increase the likelihood of hitting your project and fundraising goals.


Now what? 

Contact us to schedule a demonstration of how we can address your unique needs with our technology solutions. We have a 100% successful, pain-free implementation rate and that is worth bragging about!

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Posted by Lori Babyak

Lori Babyak is a former Digital Marketing Manager, Nonprofit Solutions at StratusLIVE. She has over ten years marketing and communications experience within the nonprofit sector.