Blog Series: Level-Up Your Fundraising, Memorial Gifts

Welcome to part 4 of our blog series, "Level-Up Your Fundraising." This series is created to help you raise more money with less stress and hassle for your team members. These tips span the most common strategies used by Read more

Step by Step Guide: Raising Funds from Donors Who Already Know You

In April we did a Blog post about How to Measure and Reduce Donor Churn, that blog concentrated on how key it is to your non-profit to make sure you understand and reduce the number of donors that churn from year to year. In Read more

How to Measure and Reduce Donor Churn

Donor churn is the percentage of your donors who choose not to donate again.  Donor churn is an important nonprofit metric to measure and take steps to reduce the number of donors who will not make a donation the following Read more

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