Fundraising and Gratitude in the Digital Era

As almost everything has turned to automation and a digital-first society, it can be easy to overlook an aspect of fundraising critical to the relationship with your donors - showing genuine and authentic gratitude.

It is essential to take the time to connect with your key stakeholders and let them know that you appreciate them.


Some ways to show gratitude are:

  • Be sure to say "thank you" for the gift ASAP
  • Do you mail acknowledgment letters? Include a handwritten note
    • Tip: have your Board members help!
  • Send a message of what their contribution has done to help you towards fulfilling your mission
  • Create a thank you video with your staff. You can send this out via email and on social media.
  • Host a thank you event

Things to remember:

  • Continue the tell the story of your nonprofit. Your donors made a gift to your organization for a reason; keep that top of mind for them through storytelling.
  • Make your appreciation as personal as possible.
  • If you track their preferred method of communication, make sure you primarily engage with them in that way (i.e., don't send every communication via mail if they indicate they prefer email.)


All in all - make appreciation a team affair and establish a culture of gratitude. This culture will help to develop lifelong donors for your organization.


Posted by Alyssa Pacheco

Alyssa Pacheco is a former Digital Marketing Manager, Nonprofit Solutions at StratusLIVE. She has three years of marketing and communications experience within the technology sector, along with four years of direct nonprofit fundraising experience. “I genuinely enjoy sharing the significant benefits that technology plays for nonprofit organizations in their social good efforts.”