Rediscover Your Donor Personas

We know you care deeply about your donors and want to ensure that you are appealing to various personas. Over time, strategizing to appeal to your donor personas may make you feel like you have forgotten who the donor is. 

Sometimes, all you need is a shift in perspective. Have you recently explored the reasons you are motivated to work at your organization? What inspires you to take action each day? By putting yourself in the shoes of the donor, you can better understand their needs and expectations, and ultimately, improve your efforts to make a positive impact. After all, the same reasons you are driven to be a champion of your organization may be the same reason your donors engage.

Do this exercise: Gather your team and ask everyone to answer the two questions above. You may start to see some new ideas flow and who knows, you may see a potential shift in strategy. 

Persona Steps

Your next step will be utilizing your nonprofit tech to better organize your donor data. StratusLIVE's Nonprofit Industry Cloud helps unlock donor potential by allowing organizations to create and manage their own custom online giving and volunteer pages as well as leverage that data to understand the impact of their marketing efforts. Donor data can be segmented based on engagement scores, previous giving history, online giving forms, emailed donor surveys, and more.

Once your data has been properly analyzed, you have the framework to improve your donor personas. This will not only ensure the right people are getting your messaging, but will also allow for your team to create fresh, compelling content.  

StratusLIVE's capabilities allow nonprofit professionals to get back to what they want to do - building and improving donor relationships. 

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Posted by Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson is a Digital Marketing Manager at StratusLIVE. She has 5 years of experience leading successful digital marketing campaigns and creating innovative strategies to drive engagement and growth. She is passionate about helping organizations use technology to reach their goals and create positive social change.