Thinking of leaving Luminate Online: What to consider

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Many organizations have been saddled with outdated, proprietary legacy systems that deliver as many nonprofit technology challenges as they do solutions. With Blackbaud ending support for Luminate CRM this summer, many nonprofits now question whether Luminate Online will serve their online giving needs now and into the future. Changing any technology solution can be a tough decision to make and knowing what to consider and where to start can seem overwhelming. Here are some things to think about: 

What do you use Luminate Online for? 

ChecklistMake a list of how you currently use the product and its features as a starting point for deciding whether to make a switch. Once you’ve done that, identify the features that are hindering your organization’s effectiveness.  

While Luminate Online has its pros and cons, some of the reasons we’ve heard organizations are making a transition are: 

  • The donation entry system is complicated and confusing  
  • Customization requires a developer 
  • Doesn't easily integrate with other products 
  • Default products are not mobile responsive out of the box 
  • Many of the features used for template development are either outdated or unnecessary 
  • Event management functions are inadequate 
  • Social sharing isn’t integrated 
  • Support is lacking 

What do I replace it with? 

Many nonprofits are opting for a solution that combines more automation, simpler fundraising, and improved donor retention capabilities on a single platform. Finding a solution that brings an intuitive, modern approach to today’s online giving and donor management is key and finding a company that provides a high-quality implementation plays a significant role in the success of the organization. 

StratusLIVE_Favicon_2020_FacebookAt StratusLIVE, we help organizations replace their disconnected systems, outdated processes, outsourced data management and third-party segmentation vendors with a streamlined donor management system and online giving platform that builds stronger donor relationships while improving internal operations, teamwork, and in-house capacity. 

Benefits of partnering with StratusLIVE 

StratusLIVE customers know that we are laser-focused on their success. Our product team is always innovating, researching, and building the best features and reports, while learning best practices from our project managers, all for your fundraising success. Here are some of the things that make us stand out: 

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Now what? 

Now that you have a list of challenges you are facing with your current product, contact us to schedule a demonstration of how we can address your unique needs with our technology solutions. We have a 100% successful, pain-free implementation rate and that is worth bragging about! 

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Posted by Lori Babyak

Lori Babyak is a former Digital Marketing Manager, Nonprofit Solutions at StratusLIVE. She has over ten years marketing and communications experience within the nonprofit sector.