Latest Acquisition Boosts Microsoft Data Insight

In other great Microsoft news, it was announced that the software giant recently completed the acquisition of Metanautix, a data analysis company whose aim is to tear down data silos in order to "connect the 'data supply chain,' no matter what [sic] the type, size or location of an organization’s data."

"Metanautix started out with the vision to integrate the data supply chain by building the Quest data compute engine that enables scalable SQL access to any data," wrote Metanautix CEO Theo Vassilakis in a blog announcement.

"Three years in, we can take this work to the next level by joining forces with Microsoft. We look forward to being part of Microsoft’s important efforts with Azure and SQL Server to give enterprise customers a unified view of all of their data across cloud and on-premises systems.

By integrating data across traditional data warehouses, open source databases, and business systems, this latest acquisition brings even greater power and functionality to Microsoft's commercial platform.


According to the Microsoft post announcing the acquisition, the key to Metanautix’s approach is "making a wide variety of data query-able by SQL, the most widely used data query language – at speed and high scale."

While the details of this new development will be made clear in time, there is often direct value for StratusLIVE clients.

Oftentimes, new features and technology advancements make it into other product lines such as Excel and CRM. Part of the value of the commercial platform lies within the enhancements made to unrelated or only loosely related products.

In addition to these types of advantageous acquisitions, StratusLIVE also reaps the benefits of billions of dollars that Microsoft invests in research and development annually.

Because these transactions are entirely handled by Microsoft and implemented in the cloud, StratusLIVE clients do not have additional software to buy or updates to install, changes simply take effect as Microsoft completes each new improvement.

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