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Best Practices for Giving Tuesday 2023

What are Giving Days? A Giving Day is a dedicated day (usually 24 hours) that brings together fundraising, supporter engagement, social networks, and awareness to create a targeted multichannel campaign. One of the things Read more

Tips for Choosing a Nonprofit CRM for Your Organization

Running a nonprofit is difficult enough without keeping track of donors, streamlining fundraising, and managing your donations. Doing all those critical tasks by hand or using generalized software is possible, but it’s not Read more

Essential Nonprofit CRM Features

CRM or customer relationship management software is one of the best tools nonprofit organizations can leverage. With CRM software, you’ll better understand your target audience and manage your long-term relationships with Read more

5 Key Traits Every Nonprofit Leader Should Cultivate

Strong, thriving nonprofits require great leaders. This includes not only the CEO or Executive Director of the organization, but also skilled leaders in all areas, including programs, development, communications, and Read more

How to Create a Successful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program That Thrives

Most companies already practice some form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the communities they work in, either through direct donations and sponsorships or employees volunteering for local charities. While CSR Read more

Is your Donor Database a Goldmine?

There is so much data sitting right in front of your eyes. If you work for a non-profit, you probably look at your donor database many times a day, or maybe not. Maybe you have come to love your excel spreadsheet more and Read more

Step by Step Guide: Raising Funds from Donors Who Already Know You

In April we did a Blog post about How to Measure and Reduce Donor Churn, that blog concentrated on how key it is to your non-profit to make sure you understand and reduce the number of donors that churn from year to year. In Read more

8 Key Fundraising Strategies Your Non-Profit Needs to Have in Place This Year

Good planning is the foundation of good fundraising. Far too many non-profits “fly by the seat of the pants” when it comes to fundraising. They try to do too much, they incorporate every idea they get from their board, Read more

14 Great Ways to Say, "Will You Make a Donation to Our Non-Profit?"

There’s no doubt about it… making asks can be one of the most intimidating tasks for any fundraiser. The thought of sitting down across the table from someone and asking them to give your organization $5,000 or $50,000 is Read more

How to Engage Your Board in Fundraising

You know how crucial it is for your board to be engaged in your development program. Countless books, articles, and webinars have preached the importance of a board that is active in fundraising, helping you identify and Read more