Maintaining a Self-Hosted Nonprofit Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation

There are a handful of things that can be done to ensure your nonprofit Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation runs smoothly. These only apply to self-hosted installations. StratusLIVE perform these tasks for our hosted customers and they cannot be controlled in CRM Online Instances.

By default, Microsoft Dynamics CRM now created databases in full recovery mode.

How does this impact your nonprofit Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation and steps to take:

  1. Full and transaction log backups are required which provide recovery capabilities and control log file growth.
  2. You need to perform Index maintenance. Fragmented indexes can cause queries to run slower than usual or even timeout. For organizations that don’t already have a solution in place, we recommend the scripts here. They are free, regularly updated, and efficient.
  3. One of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM async maintenance jobs will also try to update all indexes in your _mscrm database. You may want to disable this job so you are not duplicating effort. You can find more information on Microsoft SQL maintenance jobs and how to change the schedule here.
  4. Keep track of the size of the ASYNCOPERATIONBASE table in SQL. This will grow as a system job documented to cause issues when it exceeds a million rows. Microsoft has made a script you can run when the ASYNCOPERATIONBASE becomes to large you can find here.  Although this article was written for earlier versions of CRM, it is still relevant.

Posted by StratusLIVE