Microsoft's New Partnership Philosophy

Not one to sit idle, Microsoft has been on a big-time partnership kick over the past year.

Cooperation and partnerships appear to be the new vision for Microsoft. Since Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft two years ago, replacing Steve Ballmer, Microsoft has worked hard to cultivate its image to align with the company's new direction.

From reaching out to former rivals such as Linux-based Red Hat to taking startups like Nutanix under its wing, Microsoft is proving that a large, well-established company still has room to grow if it taps the best talent and brightest companies.

If you happened to catch the adorable television advertisement they released this past holiday season, you might begin to understand why.

Making an effort to bury the hatchet with a huge rival like Apple is a bold PR move that depicts Microsoft in a positive light. (Plus, who doesn't love carolers in adorable hats?)

This new strategy appears to reverse the course set by Microsoft's predecessors. Whereas Microsoft was once the only game in town, so to speak, new upstarts have since arrived on the scene, particularly in the last decade or so.
This is actually great news for Microsoft and its partners! By keeping the tech giant on its toes, these new companies have spurred Microsoft to new heights by encouraging it to putting its vast reach to good use by expanding its network of both technology and talent.

By leveraging the unique visions of each of its partner companies, as well as their adaptability and capacity for change, Microsoft is essentially able to capitalize on the best of both worlds: a peerless R&D budget as well as a vast, flexible network of high-powered technology partners.

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Posted by StratusLIVE