The Time for Digital Transformation is Now

Seth Godin wrote the following blog post earlier this month which prompted internal conversation surrounding change management and digital transformation within the nonprofit industry:

“But we were comfortable”

Some of the shift to digital is unwanted, fraught with risk and lonely.

But in some areas, organizations and leaders are realizing that it’s actually more powerful and efficient.

So why didn’t you do it before?

Because it’s easier to follow.

Because it’s more comfortable to stay where we are.

Waiting to do something because you’re forced to is rarely a positive approach to growth or leadership. Abrupt shifts against our will may cause change, but they’re inefficient and destabilizing.

Next time, take the lead. Not because you have to, but because you can.

Change is uncomfortable – especially change that we as nonprofit leaders and organizations do not choose.

As a cloud-based technology company, we recognize the power of change to embrace digital transformation and engagement. So, why do so many organizations elect to remain on multiple legacy systems?

Angst. Dread. Fear.

  • “We can’t undergo an implementation right now… not in these circumstances.”
  • “Our team is working remotely. How will we conduct training?”
  • “I can’t justify the spend when we are already strapped after canceling our annual gala.”

But, what if on the other side of the anxiety, your organization was better equipped to serve your constituents?

  • What if you fueled digital engagement with your donors online?
  • What if you empowered your staff to take ownership of your fundraising data to make more informed decisions?
  • What if you expanded your work to provide relief to those traditionally ignored by traditional aid or welfare programs?

During this ‘global pause,’ we challenge you – can your organization afford not to have a complete nonprofit donor engagement and constituent relationship management solution?

Big results such as what National FFA achieved last year during #GiveFFADay (they surpassed their 24-hour goal of 1,000 donors and raised more than $200,000. This is a 232% increase in donors over the year before.) are on the other side of the work, and we're here to walk you through it.

Posted by Kelly Perry

Kelly Perry is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Nonprofit Solutions at StratusLIVE. She has over ten years marketing and communications experience within nonprofit technology and the publishing industries.