Must-Have Software: What Nonprofits Want

New report sheds light on nonprofit software challenges

What drives nonprofits to seek out new fundraising software? What types of functionality are they searching for? Which are 'must-have' features and which are 'nice-to-haves'?

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Prescriptive Analytics: Using Data to Make Great Decisions

Does analysis matter?

The world of data analysis is filled with swirling information from countless directions, as well as complex nomenclature and acronyms. But at the end of the day, what really matters to your mission is action and results.

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Use This Checklist To Help Donors Get The Message

There are plenty of ways to send a message. You could make a call, pay a visit, rent a billboard, write a letter, or even send a fax.

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5 Fundraising Lessons from 2016 Presidential Candidates

While most nonprofits can't enlist the help of Super PACs to raise millions, there are still plenty of fundraising and marketing lessons to learn from the current crop of presidential hopefuls.

According to the Federal Elections Commission, over $400 million has already been raised so far this election cycle by all candidates combined, including Super PAC funds.

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Will Google's New Rules Crush Your Nonprofit Website Search Rankings?

Things are changing... again.

In case you missed it, Google recently announced more upcoming changes to the way it indexes websites for search results. Those changes are now in full effect.

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5 Biggest Benefits of Bulldozing Your Data Silos

Nobody likes silos—well, except maybe farmers.

Many nonprofit organizations continue to put information into silos. We call these disconnected applications "point solutions": one product for marketing, another for volunteer and event management, and something else for donor profiles.

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Nonprofit Executive Roundtable Breakfast

StratusLIVE hosts event exclusively for nonprofit executives and industry leaders.

On July 23, 2014, StratusLIVE hosted a Nonprofit Executive Roundtable Breakfast at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center in Washington, D.C.

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5 Principles for Building Strong Donor Relationships

People give to people.

Everything in your organization should revolve around building stronger relationships. From your staff, to your board, to your donors, to your corporate sponsors, everything should be about relationships.

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3 Questions to Better Donor Relationships

To get the best responses, you must know how to ask the right questions.

Smart businesses know that when they take the time to get to know their customers, they often become customers for life. The same principle applies to your nonprofit organization’s relationships with its constituents. There are certain fundamentals which can be used to improve any donor relationship.

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How Are Nonprofits Using Business Intelligence?

Is your nonprofit ready for the donor data revolution?

We've all heard how important "big data" is to improving the reach, accuracy, and effectiveness of marketing outreach and sales efforts. Business intelligence (BI) is the next generation of comprehensive data analysis that is transforming the way businesses and nonprofits operate.

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